Professional career

Fudura B.V. – Software engineer [2016 – current]

At Fudura B.V. I’m working on a service bus solution using .Net and Azure. This was my first time working with senior developers and the knowledge gained in the first few months was enormous compared to the 2 years past where I had to work on my own most of the time. Working with a service bus was a whole new concept for me and learning and understanding the patterns was very fun and challenging. Using a library like “NServiceBus” helped out a lot, as more time could be allocated for the business side of things, instead of the technical side. “Work smarter, not harder” does apply here. To support real business processes with fitting solutions is very satisfying. New systems and processes that need support arrise occasionally and every time the business requires something different. This is what keeps the job fun.

Verentis B.V. – Software engineer [ 2014 – 2016]

Verentis B.V. is where I started my professional career as a software developer. Starign out as an intern and staying after I finished school. Still, as a junior a was put in charge of building an ERP system for internal usage. This was very challenging. Gathering requirements, selecting the tech stack and setting up such a big project from scratch with no senior to latch on to was very exciting. Forunatly everything turned out okay and after de system was deployed into production and used on a daily basis it was time for me to find new challenges.